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Monday, October 10, 2011

Kid's Room Project: Get up, get dressed, get going

Now that my son is four, he can easily get himself dressed in the morning ... at least when he wants to. His pants, socks and superhero underroos are all accessible from his dresser drawers. The only problem is his shirts hang too high in his closet to safely be reached.

To help with that, and to keep the daily circus somewhat contained each morning, we usually try to lay his outfits out the night before. But I've been keeping my eyes open for a solution that would let us plan what he'll wear for the entire week.

You see, this could help on multiple levels. First, it's one less thing we have to do each night ... something I'm always thankful for. And second, it lessens the chance that I won't know until the night before that there are no clean underoos to be found. Always a head slapping moment that happens more often than I'd like to admit.

So that leads me to the day I was walking down a random aisle at the store and I came across these. (And yes, spoiler alert, spray paint is involved.)

I had no idea what they were but I liked that they looked like little lockers. As evidenced by the pic at the top of this post, my son has a throw-back sports themed room. The colors are  brown, black and red, and we have some locker-like bins that we keep in his bookshelf; these were similar.

I looked on the back and the sticker said they were magazine holders, apparently targeted to college or high school kids. Since the back to school season was over, they were 70% off making them $3.00 each. Umm, I'll take five.

Since they didn't have five of the same color (much less five of a color I needed), I picked up a can of spray paint and gave them each a quick coat.

I also purchased some varsity-ish scrapbooking letters and used those to add the days of the week, one for each bin. Unfortunately for me, they were skimpin' on the "Ds" so I had to buy three packs.

Then I just used the preexisting nail holes to put them in place. He had a blast filling them up, and he gets excited picking out his clothes each morning. Happy kids, happy mom.

Oh, and before you see the finished product in place, he asked that I take this picture. He really wanted you to see this weird little green pillow that used to belong to the baby play mat we had. I promised, so here it is.

Beautiful. Now here's the finished project.

Okay everyone, sharing time is over. I have laundry to do...

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