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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nursery Completed

With just a week and a half to go before our baby's arrival, it was time to finish up a few odds and ends in the nursery which I got to this morning.

Since the last nursery related post, I added yellow curtains that I had made for me a year a two or ago for a different room, but worked better here. I also added a few inspirational art pieces to the corner above where our new glider would go.

I wanted a side table to set water, bottles, or other supplies that would be needed for the inevitable hours that would be spent here. I happened across this one and it felt right. While most people would probably see a movie reel on the top part, to me it seemed industrial, like metal parts and pieces that might be found in an airplane hanger. The bottom reminded me of a jack (think car jack) and the top, like a part to an old airplane engine.

Once the glider arrived, I recovered an unused throw pillow with this cover I purchased from Etsy and this space was complete.

Next I started my final wall art project that was inspired by this circular piece I found in the clearance section at Marshall's. It too had an old, industrial feel and the center bolts again reminded me of something you'd find on a plane. 

I have no idea what this thing is supposed to be and I'm guessing no one else did either which is why it was on clearance. That said, when I spotted it, it reminded me of a compass which is why it came home with me for my aviation themed nursery. 

I was able to find some letters at Hobby Lobby which I purchased despite the fact they didn't all come in the same color. I had intended to paint the wheel black and the letters silver so figured it wouldn't really matter anyway. 

However, after looking at all the pieces for a few days, I started liking everything just as it was. So today, I simply hot glued them in place and hung it on the wall. I like it and it works well with the espresso furniture. Plus my original black and silver idea might have started making things feel too matchy-matchy anyhow. This is better and couldn't have been easier to do. 

My last project was to create a mobile, that would hang just off the side of the crib. It'll give him something to look at but isn't directly over the crib for safety reasons, and to fill in the corner of the room. 

I purchased these two airplanes from Hobby Lobby, and this small globe from Michael's. 

I then cut some fishing wire from a stray fishing pole, and stole borrowed two hooks from a shelf my husband had in the garage. I also had two little eye hooks in my craft supplies that would be sufficient to hold the globe.

Once I had the fishing wire tied to each at different lengths, I used a stud finder to attach the two larger white hooks to the ceiling; they would be used to support the planes. While not overly heavy, I imagine they'd still feel relatively unpleasant if they ever fell on someones head, so I wanted to make sure they were secure. The globe on the other hand weighs just a couple ounces so it was placed a bit off center, held by one of the small eye hooks shown above. 

They move and spin and look quite cute. 

And with that, we're pretty well set for the little guys arrival. Here are some final photos of his new pad ... baby and all future pilots welcome.