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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!" ~Dodgeball

This next project is pretty much that simple. If you can push a button and wrap a present, you can do this (even if your gift wrapping skills leave much to be desired).

The project I'm referencing started because my closet wasn't looking so hot. It has plenty of room for all my clothes, and yet it looks like this.

Embarrassing. So I decided it needed an overhaul and a few things to help keep it clean and organized. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for except that I needed some additional organizational items like decorative bins or baskets, and something to organize accessories like scarves and belts. I made a few quick stops including one at a local thrift store where I spotted this chair.

It was simple, small, cheap ($5.99) and it had loads of potential. So I threw it in my car, knowing it would be repainted a bright color ... a color that had yet to be decided. After my next store visit I spotted a basket with a sage green patterned liner that I really liked. It had a nice earthy color that would play well with all the neutral earth tones in our master bedroom. I took that and a few other accessories before I was off to the home improvement store for some paint. It was there that I also spotted an interesting bathroom towel rack. For towels? Nope. Scarves? Yes!

As soon as I got home I decided to dive right into the closet, tossing out anything that was on the shelves or the floor. After a few quick minutes, I stopped to survey the damage (only a small portion of which would fit in my camera's lens).

Yowza. The thought of working my way through that was a bit overwhelming and it was then I knew what had to be done. Procrastinate. So I skipped back downstairs leaving that horrendous mess where it was and decided I'd start on the chair first. You know ... to get inspired.

The plan was to clear a corner in the closet where I would use this chair as a small side table. Chairs like this are great for all things, and can be a fun replacement for a traditional night stand or an interesting place to display accessories. I'd use this one as a place to lay out outfits, keep accessories (including a kitchy new jewelry box to match my green color scheme), or if necessary, a place to sit to put on boots and the like.

First things first, pop off the seat and set aside.

Then spray paint. T-minus two minutes later and my brown chair was a fun and poppy green. Next I took the seat bottom inside to recover with some extra fabric I had from a previous project. The colors didn't match exactly but since it was a cool floral pattern, it made sense (and I don't like things matchy, matchy anyhow). To do this, I simply laid the fabric on the floor with the underside facing up. Next, I added the seat bottom and cut with a few extra inches on the sides (never bothering to take the previous cover off).

Then all that's left to do is fold the fabric over and staple it in place. By the time this was done, the chair only needed a few minutes more to dry and I had this. Love.

This is such an awesome project because again, so simple and inexpensive. Something like this painted in a bright red, orange or metallic brown would look adorable next to the front entry way or on a porch with beautiful fall flowers (e.g. pot of mums) and pumpkins around it. Or try primary or pastel colors with a fun kid's fabric that could be placed next to a dresser. It could also be a spot to set the next day's outfit, or even to stack favorite bedtime stories or stuffed animals. Or again, as a nightstand in a guest room or master bedroom (think painted in a glossy black with a beautiful damask pattern to up the sophistication level for a more grown up space).

Here are a few examples from the web.


and Real Simple.


Plug for chair project- check. Onward.

Now what. ugh. Closet organization. But with my new fun chair as an incentive to get in gear, I sat in the middle of the pile and got to it. The items that found their way to the top shelf or the floor fell in one of two categories: exercise gear (used ALL the time .......... lie), and lounge wear (actually used all the time). These two were sorted into baskets and set on the top shelves. Others needed to be donated and they were put in a large shopping bag to be dropped off later. Then the hanging clothes needed to be resorted so things were easier to find (suit jacket next to Brewers jersey, eeem, I think not).

Next I got out my husband's drill, and put my cool towel rack in place. It only took me one, er ... okay two, tries to hit a stud and both screws - oh fine, one - were firmly screwed into a solid piece of wood. (Umm, let's just keep that one between us.)

Then I loaded it with scarves and belts. Perfect. With that, I just had to put some accessories in place and I'm happy with the results.

While some might think it's silly to accessorize a closet, I would beg to differ. If you accessorize a bathroom, surely a closet isn't that much of a stretch. At least not in this house!

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