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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chair Project Completed

So I finally finished this chair. Finally. Normally it doesn't take me very long to finish a project once I start. But I sort of developed a love/hate relationship with this chair and by that I mostly mean "hate."

I actually had the chair nearly completed (or so I thought) about three weeks ago and when I went for the grand finale, I realized it wasn't going to work. At all. Like had to unupholster my reupholster and that drove me close to insanity. Or I actually reached insanity and was too cookoo to notice. Both are distinct possibilities.

Anyhow, don't have a lot of "during" shots because truth be told, most days I thought I'd be better off just taking it to the curb. But, alas. It's now done. And it's far from perfect but it's decent and today, decent feels good.

Probably one of the best things this project has going for it is cost.  Due to some leftover nail head trim, the total project cost me $65. So for $65, this is pretty darn good chair and it sure does look better than it used to.

Okay, no more talking. Here are the pics.

As mentioned, I did still do the two tone fabric which I love. It really gives the chair a cool look.

And here's an up-close of the nail head trim. I used a kit which works great. Really easy to use and available at most fabric stores or online.

Here's a final before and after.



Better indeed!