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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Keepsake Holder

The other day I was at Michael's Craft Store and happened upon two clearance picture frames. Since they didn't have a back or mat, they likely came from the custom framing department. It's not difficult to find frames like this in any store that has a framing department; they usually sell these off the shelf versions in addition to the completely custom frames they build. And they often have previously used or built frames in clearance piles ... just need to find your store's stock.

I took the last two and snagged an artificial rose for each on my way out the door. Then it was just choosing between the handful of ideas I had for them. The frame was made of wood, very textured and had a somewhat worn and grayish look. Since the lines and style were clean and the frame chunky, it still seemed contemporary enough for my liking.

I thought it'd be cute to put a rose in one of the lower corners, keep the frame open and string a picture wire across it to hang keepsakes like photos, art, wedding invitations, birth announcements, anything special really. I also wanted to dress up some mini clothespins with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge; they would be used to hold the keepsake in place.

When getting started, I noticed one of the sides of the frame was scraped so to hide it, I pulled a few leaves off the roses and laid them out in the corner of the frame, concealing the scratch and then gluing them in place. Then I used a wire cutter to snip the head of the rose and hot glued that to the corner.

Next, I flipped the frame over, and screwed a framing "eye" (little screw with a loop) into the part of the frame that the glass would normally rest against. I used a measuring tape to place them approximately 2 1/4 inches from the top on each side. Then I simply twisted a picture hanging wire through the loops.

Here's what it looked like from the front.
That's just paper underneath it, mostly so you can see the wire.

Once that part was ready, I took some scrapbook paper and cut itty bitty pieces to cover each piece of the clothes pin. Regular glue would have worked but since I had it, I used Mod Podge to glue it to the wood and coat the top to give it a little sheen.

Once I had the longer parts covered (see pic), I cut pieces for the bottom sections too. (I didn't want the paper to go over the wire, causing it to crease over time.)

Once I made two of those, I just needed a picture to display and I was done! That's when I found this handsome little man who wanted to show you the finished product.
Though I did add a picture hanger to the back in case I found a spot on the wall, I think it makes a more unique display sitting on a table instead. I like using things in different ways and this fits the bill. I think it works better on a surface versus hanging on a wall. You be the judge.

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