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Monday, May 20, 2013

Teacher Appreciation: End of year thank you!

We're nearing the end of our first official school year so a thank you gift was in order for Malachi's wonderful teacher.

I personally find it insanely hard to think of a good gift for teachers but have been racking my brain determined to come up with something sweet because she's been awesome. Despite all of his missing homework assignments, my failure to show up for parent teacher conferences on time and my overall lack of organization skills now that I'm a mother of three, she goes on smiling, taught my child how to read and write and doesn't even give me the stink eye when I forget to pack a lunch (at least that only happened twice). Oy.

Anyhow, I have to believe they get their fill of apple shaped things (admittedly they are incredibly tempting to buy) and you never really get to know them all that intimately. So ... I opted for an "enjoy your summer" theme and hope it fits the bill.

For the gift basket container I selected a giant margarita glass which I imagine could be considered tasteless for the teacher of a kindergarten class. If I were the teacher of 20 five and six year-olds, I 'd call that survival. Bottoms up.

It also included the following:

  • recipe book filled with cute summer cupcake ideas (including watermelon versions on the cover)
  • watermelon cupcake wrappers
  • watermelon gum
  • Subway gift card
  • suntan lotion
  • teacher themed stickers
  • Milky Way mini candy bars

Malachi also wrote a note on a quick watermelon slice that I cut out of paper and we added "chalkboard" ribbon to top it off. 

Put it all together and it's ready for delivery to a very special teacher, Mrs. V. Thank you for all you do!